Thursday, January 19, 2017

History revised: Cory Aquino's DESPERATE appeal for US military intervention in 1989!

The yellows accuse others of revisionism, but they’re actually the ones who do it all the time.

Exhibit A: The CIA documents declassified a few days ago confirmed that Cory Aquino, the supposed patron saint of democracy, asked for deadly US military intervention during the 1989 coup. The Americans turned her down because it would be too complicated for them to kill Filipinos.

Exhibit B: The open letter of the Malacanang Press Corps accused Martin Andanar and the Duterte admin of being unfair to them. But these vicious yellow journalists are the ones who have been using every dirty trick possible to destroy the President’s reputation.

Exhibit C: The yellow senators Kiko Pangilinan, Antonio Trillanes, and Bam Aquino are asking for an investigation on fake news and social media trolls. But the yellows are actually the ones running an organized propaganda machine that uses anonymous Facebook accounts and sponsored posts to malign President Duterte and build up Leni Robredo.

So, if ever you have a hard time figuring out what’s real and what’s not, all you have to do is look at what the yellows are doing, and you’ll know the opposite is true.

Dear Malacanang Press Corps: Grow up. Last week, Donald Trump shot down a CNN reporter and called CNN “fake news” during a live press conference airing all over the world. Did the CNN reporter or the White House press corps write a whiney open letter to complain? No. They know the drill. You shit on a public figure, you better be ready if he shits back at you. It’s par for the course.

I hope Martin Andanar has enough sense not to coddle these media crybabies. Their open letter is a peer pressure tactic meant to bully him into taking their side. The morons can’t accept that their days as pampered, overindulged hacks with a monopoly over public opinion are over. Permanently.

Andanar was lucky he got out in time. The way technology is going, these pompous, mentally bankrupt yellow journalists will soon be jobless. Just ignore them. They caused the mass bobo-fication of the Filipino masses for the last 30 years. They’re the ones who should apologize.

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