Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Mocha Uson a better role model for women than her "decent" critics

Mocha Uson has struck a chord with the people. She did not grow up sheltered like some of these decent people. In 2002, she lost her father, a judge to an [politically motivated?] ambush killing. She was probably 20 at the time. She has had to make a living and a name for herself as best she could. Any resentment she feels, she has kept to herself, she does not bring up the murder every now and then as though she should be given sympathy (not like some personalities who like to bring up the necro card).

So she became a sexy dancer? So what? Apparently, she was able to turn her life around and find a more honorable calling. She may not have had the education some people have, but people change, people learn, and education is a process that does not end once one leaves university. Any lack of education, she makes up for in social media savvy and the ability to engage her followers as well as her detractors.

With the shit she has probably been through, the shrill attacks of the decent won’t faze her. Dare I say that she is even a better role model for women then some of her decent critics. She has been able to turn her life around, make a complete makeover for herself. Women who have found themselves resorting to prostitution and allowed themselves to be exploited should look to her for hope.

Lastly, and this can’t be emphasized enough, she has a right to voice her opinions, in view of the primacy accorded the constitutional right of free speech, which can only be curtailed if there is a showing of a clear and present danger of a substantive evil. Political law experts usually take this “substantive evil” to mean death and property destruction. Nothing that Mocha Uson posts on her blog will result in any of this, hence her constitutional right should be afforded to her.

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